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  • Do I need a referral?
    Most insurances do not need a referral to pay for chiropractic treatment. If you have been in an auto injury or work injury, then you can access our care with by simply making an appointment. We will make calls and bill insurances for you so you can concentrate on just getting better. If a rare referral is needed thru an HMO program, then we will communicate with your primary care physician and insurance company to facilitate payment for care.
  • How long will it take to get things settled with my insurance company?
    Anywhere from 30-120 days. Some health plans may take longer.
  • Why am I getting bills from physicians?
    Insurance plans differ with their coverage from one to the next. Although your coverage is truly an agreement between you and your insurance company, we are still here to help provide information to you on what you may or may not owe out of your own pocket. Many insurances cover most of the cost of your treatment leaving you with little out of pocket expense. We also have payment plans to assist in accessing our care if needed.
  • What insurance plans do you accept?
    Doctors at Springfield Accident & Pain Center accept the following Insurance plans: Automobile Accident Medical Payments Worker's Compensation ​​Blue Cross/Blue Shield Healthlink United Health Care Aetna UMR Cigna Health Alliance Medicare ​

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At Springfield Accident & Pain Center we consider ourselves advocates for our patients' health.


We feel it is part of our job to help our patients maneuver through the sometimes confusing health insurance world.


We aren't one of those clinics that require you to pay up front. We assure you that we will not leave you to deal with your health insurance company alone.

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